ATAR: What you need to know

Phillip Anthony1

1 Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre

The purpose of the presentation is to ensure that attendees understand the composition of the ATAR, the process of subject weighting within the ATAR and the function of My Path in assisting students and schools with the transition to the ATAR.

In 2017, Phillip was appointed to the position of Chief Technical Officer at QTAC, having been the Manager of Assessment Services at QTAC for the last 2 decades.

In his current role, Phillip is responsible for oversight of QTAC’s technical capability, including a special focus on ensuring record veracity, designing education comparability, and complex problem solving on behalf of institutions.

Phillip has led QTAC’s response to significant changes which have occurred in education in Queensland, including the replacement of the Overall Position with the ATAR.

Phillip holds a range of postgraduate qualifications in international relations, Asian politics, commercial computing and administrative studies, and is a member of the Association for Tertiary Education Management.

About the Department of Education International (DEi)

Department of Education International (DEi), trading as Education Queensland International (EQI), is the international branch of the Queensland Department of Education (DoE). Its primary role is to lead, facilitate and coordinate the department’s international activities. It develops and promotes programs for international students who want to study at a Queensland state school and provides opportunities for Queensland students, teachers and school leaders to undertake educational and cultural immersion experiences and professional development internationally.

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