Educational leaders panel – developing students into leaders

Chair: Jason Chung

Panellists: Roger Sheehan, Dr San-Chi Huang

Discussion on developing students global leadership capability will focus on  what a global student looks like and the importance of the interrelationship between leaders, teachers and students in building a whole school approach to global learning.

A good leader should have four qualities: ability, character, consistency, and a sense of humor. Warren Bennis, a master of leadership, once said, “Leaders are people who do the right thing; managers are people who do things right.” A successful administrator should have not only passion but the managerial skills to do things right, which is being responsible for the team.

Here are the methods Yuteh adopts to make our students into international leaders in the future:

  1. Curriculum:
  2. The recruitment of teachers:
  3. Textbook selection:
  4. Preservation of the best part of the Chinese culture:
  5. High expectations:

As a leader, students need to have a kind heart, understand the sufferings of people, the needs of society and be willing to stand by citizens. Therefore, we ask our students to do volunteer service domestically and internationally. In order to have a better life, every student needs to acquire the abilities of aesthetics and appreciation. Education should be all these aspects. We sincerely hope all graduates from Yuteh Private School can enter life with pride towards the avenue of success and become one of the elites of our society.


Roger has been a Primary School Principal for the last 15 years having also spent time working within the Information Technologies Branch of the Department of Education. Roger has been involved in international study tour programs and also taught at universities in Taiwan. Roger is committed to developing global learners and draws on the interrelationships between leaders, teachers and students to build the capacity of schools to develop global citizens.

Born in Tainan, Dr. Huang was a child in a poor family. He is the first elementary principal in Taipei City that has the doctor degree. He has been awarded countlessly, such as “The Principal in Excellent Leadership” and “The Excellency in Teaching” from the Ministry of Education. His greatest achievement is that he made Wenhua Elementary School in Taipei city the only one elementary school waived from the evaluation by the education bureau during his service as the principal there. Dr. Huang has devoted himself to developing the English ability of students. He once was interviewed by CNN. His school was also assigned by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs as the example school when guests from different countries visited Taiwan.

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