Accredit your school to deliver International Student Programs

Shaun Rogers1

1Accreditation Manager, DE International

This session is ideal for schools considering joining the EQI International Student Program (ISP), schools new to the ISP, school based staff new to the ISP and schools due an accreditation visit in 2018 and 2019. The sessions will include:

  • Joining the ISP 101
  • Changes to the National Code 2018 as they relate to accreditation
  • A demonstration of the revised 2018 Accreditation One Note Tool
  • Sharing of best practice identified during accreditation visits

Shaun’s primary tasks in his role as EQI Accreditation Manager are to recruit Queensland state school to join the EQI International Student Program (ISP) and to accredit school approved to join the ISP.

Shaun, along with colleagues in EQI Sales and Marketing, Operations and Strategy and Compliance is leading Project 100. Project 100 aims to increase the number of EQI accredited schools from 75 in Term 1 2017 to 100 by 30 June 2019. The 2018 Key Performance Indicator is 90 by 30 June 2018. Currently there are 88 Queensland state schools accredited to host international students.

Within the suite of EQI’s International Student Programs Shaun has a passion for the Regional Schools Program and ensuring regional communities share in the social, cultural and economic benefits of hosting international students.

When not travelling around Queensland recruiting and accrediting schools he relaxes by building guitars, playing guitar and song writing.

About the Department of Education International (DEi)

Department of Education International (DEi), trading as Education Queensland International (EQI), is the international branch of the Queensland Department of Education (DoE). Its primary role is to lead, facilitate and coordinate the department’s international activities. It develops and promotes programs for international students who want to study at a Queensland state school and provides opportunities for Queensland students, teachers and school leaders to undertake educational and cultural immersion experiences and professional development internationally.

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